How to save on college expenses

rying to put 2 boys thru college can be hard, we choose to send them to Community college for their first 2 years to get their AA’s.

Community college is much cheaper then other colleges, unfortunately not all states have them, but here in CA, home to massive taxes, we do.

The great thing about community college, if you have a child you are unsure of going all 4 years, at least if they just get their AA you haven’t spent huge amounts of money. An AA is an AA.

Another thing my sons did, instead of buying books, where possible they would use the books in the library. The great thing about this….it gets them out of the their room, away from the video games and computers and internet. They have to interact with live people.

If we have to buy we buy used where possible and sell them back. Before paying bookstore prices, checkout Ebay and Amazon for deals.

So one son is 1 class away from an AA and that is the most college he will probably do, (so a Four Year College would have been a HUGE waste of money) and my other son has his AA and we are now looking into the last 2 years at a 4 year colleges,(saved 2 years of high tuition) and filling out financial aid forms and since I am no longer employed we should have a better chance.


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