All those leftovers….

Hmmm, lets see what is in the fridge today

turkey drumstick & some dark meat

tofu and veggies from pick up sticks

Red roasted potatoes

1/2 a box of mushrooms

brown rice

coconut milk soup base from thai dinner (ate all the noodles 😉

So  I threw the drumstick in the crockpot with some water, then later I added the mushrooms,  potatoes, tofu and veggies (remember people, I try for vegetarian but I don’t waste food).

I then drained the stock from the veggies and meat.  I pulled the meat off the bone, shredded it, put it back in the pot, with the mushrooms, potatoes (which stayed firm) which I cut into smaller pieces, tofu which I cut into smaller pieces, then I added the coconut milk base the the stock, mmmm, good, I put that back in the pot and added the rice.

Super YUMMY!  Especially since it got cold and rainy and this is a great …uuhhh…soup? stew? who cares, it is GOOD!

I had a bunch of stuff that wan’t quite a complete meal, when I put them all together I have quite a few meals.  Booyah!



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