well, heck, when it rains it pours….

Yesterday my son calls me in to his bathroom and says “listen”, we heard a weird sound, like sand going down something.  We couldn’t hear it any where else in the house.

I walked around and found the carpet wet in our bedroom, which is by the bathroom, it is weird, no noise could be heard unless you put your ear up to where there was a drilled hole where some electric cords came into the room then you could hear it.

Woo Hoo, pin hole leak in the pipe.  I did how ever keep the paperwork from the last time we had a leak, 2004, we have a lifetime gaureentee so I called them and they came out.  (I am so organized sometimes it is scary) plus I don’t want to do a homeowner claim, as last time I did that, they didn’t “cancel” us, they just “CHOSE” not to renew us, after 15 years with no claims, what a bunch of BULLSHITE!

So know I have wet carpet and holes in my walls, such a festive time over here, and then the guy who fixed the stuff, let us know the tub is also leaking, we knew we had to replace it, (at least 25 yrs old) but we were hoping to wait a while, guess not, so, wonder what I am getting for xmas now 🙂


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