I so hope it gets better next year….lets recap

Garbage disposer goes out – replaced by Hubby and Son

about 1 month later

Bathroom springs a leak – replaced from people who did our repipe in 2004 (keep all receipts for things like that people) – first came out cut holes in wall – patched leak – (while here got the news that tub is leaking..sigh) 5 days later wall patch done

2 days later

Heater stops working – think it is heater, find out it is thermostat, had to call plumber to do, without heat for 3 days, thermostat fixed on same day walls patched

1 week later

the hose part of the kitchen sink facet starts leaking water every time water is turned on – while at store getting replacement facet son calls, the water in the front yard is shooting up flooding the lawn…very lucky because the Water Department is across the street for a neighbor call, see’s the geyser and turns off the irrigation water

Sink facet replaced by Hubby and Son, water still of in front yard, going to see if the gardner can fix it.

This is ridiculous, sounds like someone writing for a sitcom…..aauugghhhhhhh!!!



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