Kitchen Master – Es Bueno Very Good :)

As you know, since I am trying to avoid artificial ingredients I buy blocks of cheese to grate and slice for cooking and sandwiches.  The upside is no crap and price is better, the down side it takes a little work.

Well one of the things I wanted was the Kitchen Master, it is supposed to grate and slice things, plus it can grind meat.

Well I can say the Cheese Grating WORKS, it is sooo good and super easy.  Snap in the grater size you want, but the block of cheese to fit, turn the handle and out come grated cheese.  The down side is you do have to cut it to fit, not that big of deal, and at the end you do need to pull the cheese of the grater.  But such a small thing to deal with, the ease of being able to easily grate cheese is awesome.

The clean up is super easy and quick also…A+, 4.9 Stars 🙂kitchen-master-all-in-one-rotary-graterslicer-d-20140226092634513~304053

Highly recommend for anyone who work with cheese a lot, will post when I use the other functions and let you know how they work.



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