Food Log – Capt’s Log Star Date 1/5/15

Breakfast –

  • 1 Fried egg (no oil, non-stick pan, new for xmas 🙂 Remember Vegetarian NOT vegan
  • Strawberries *
  • Raspberries*

*Hubby on diet also, fruit for his lunch, got it from Costco, large amount, will go bad if I don’t eat some of it also


  • 1 Bag of peanut butter M&M’s

Hey, friend in from out of town, met up with them, didn’t eat, was there for 4 hrs, hungry on my way home 🙂

Dinner – El Pollo Loco 3 pc meal (yes Virginia you CAN eat out while watching what you eat

  • 2 legs
  • 1 thigh
  • 1 side salad
  • 1 side broccoli

Snacks / Desserts

  • 3 radishes with salt

Exercise –


See *

It looks like to meet my goal weight I get 1147 cals a day – ate 837 – under budget


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