FD CL 1/9/15…..it all went BROWNIE

It wasn’t a good day, or it was…..

Breakfast – none, I had to run an errand so I thought I would run thru somewhere on the way, but I didn’t, so I got to my appt and they had set a trap, a warm, dark, lovely trap, she made brownies, which was ok, but she had cut the crust off and was going to throw it away!!!  The best part, in the trash…you know how I am about wasting food, by golly someone had to stop the waste, so I did the only thing I could, I took the bullet and ate the lovely crusty goodness myself 🙂

On the plus side, this was BOTH Breakfast and Lunch,


  • Pei Wei Honey Seared Veggies and Tofu with brown rice


Met up with some friends from HS and out of state, had a few diet coke and capt. morgan spiced rum, and a rumchatta with fireball whiskey…that’ll do ya!


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