FD CP 1/10/15—I was a bad day to be me

I so did not feel well, and no not from the night before….sheesh :)….ok maybe a smidgen, but mostly it was “that time”, if you are a guy ask your girlfriend or wife if you don’t know.  I was a doosey, so I was in bed most of the day and night.

Breakfast –  While I had lost the battle with the crusty goodness the day before, I brought home some survivors for my son to eat.  He ate 2, I had one for “breakfast”, I use this lightly because I was in bed most of the day and night, but they were there, calling my name, making me get out of bed and do their bidding, EAT ME…hey, I craved, whatcha gonna do….on the bright side that was Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 🙂

Snack? Dessert? sometime in the night I got up and ate a single sleeve of saltine crackers, watched some tv and went back to bed….As I said, not a good day to be me.  And yea NO exercise.  But I might have stayed under my calorie limit.


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