The good thing about the coupons is they are for FREE products, however, on of the items isn’t sold at Target (my happiest place on earth) so I went to Wholefoods figuring I could get them all there. NOPE.  I was able to get 3:

Annies Cheddar Rabbits, Rudi’s (this isn’t at Target) Spelt English Muffins (yea, but they are for Breakfast) and Honest Kids Drinks ( Berry Berry Lemonade).  I have to repeat I was given Coupons for FREE product (this per Influenster).



So first off, when I got home, I had my son try the Honest Kids Drink, he was like “it’s meh”, I tried it, I agree somewhat.  But maybe it is better cold, so I put one in the fridge and the rest of his in my tea.  It makes a Great Flavor for tea, plus if you put on pouch in for a whole container of tea, it goes further (less calories and carbs for me, more taste for me win/win for me).  If it is better cold then maybe freeze and put in a lunch.

Annie’s Cheddar Rabbits…..Oh Yea Baby, these are good.  I am not sure they will make it to the lunch because we are going to eat them all, NOW.  And they are low in carbs (for me 🙂  51 pcs for 19 carbs, I am so all over that.  I try and eat only no refined, natural carbs, and these are tasty…they get an A+

I will be trying the Spelt English Muffins tomorrow for breakfast, I am thinking with an Egg and some Cheese, high protein, low fat and cars….I am hoping Splet only sounds bad.

Am Update…Spelt sounds weird but it tastes GOOD, low carb….toasted the muffin, added an Egg, and good to go breakfast on the go.


I will be going to Target to get the other two items, I will report back on those shortly.


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