I went to Target and picked up my Annie’s Bagel Pizzas (went for Pepporni) and Applegate Half-Time (Ham).

While I understand it is “lunchbox” I don’t really see myself sending anything in the lunch box that needs to be heated up before eatting.  Even if the school has a microwave, who wants to have to wait in line to use it, they get a limited time for lunch.

My son did enjoy these, not the same as the name brand, but he ate them all, and they are much better for him.

I am very happy with the Apple Gate Half Time Box.  Mine came with Uncured Ham and American cheese, both were of much better quality then other similar “boxes”, the crackers were very flavorful and crips (yes, I had to sample them 🙂 It also comes with Annie’s Rabbit Grams.  While the Rabbit grams are good they do have a slight difference in flavor then “name brand” but they were still good, a 3.5 out of 4, plus they are better, it also comes with yogurt.  My big concern was if there was going to be enough to be filling, and there is, the meat and cheese are nice in both quality and quantity, and with the grams and yogurt makes a very filling lunch.  I give it a Yums Up 🙂


Great way to get your kids aunatural


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