Leftover mash up

We went out a few times  and I brought a lot of food home, so the other day was leftover mash up.  I needed to clean out the fridge, and I didn’t feel like cooking.  I also didn’t want to throw anything away.  The secret to the left over mashup is to bring it all out and let everyone pick and choose what they want.  Like a pot luck, saves time in the kitchen, reduces waste, and everyone gets what they want.

So I had some salad and 1/2 a chicken from the BBQ place, had some potatoes and biscuits from the steak place, had rice, hummus, bread and few few chucks of chicken from the Persian place.  We also picked up a few chicken breasts and legs from the store.

My son had some bread & rice from the Persian Place and the 1/2 chicken from the bbq place.  My husband had bread & rice Persian place and chicken breasts from the store, I had the few left over chicken chunks from the Persian place, potatoes and biscuits from the stead place and some salad from the bbq place.

We were all full, I didn’t have to cook, and I got rid of a bunch of leftovers without having to resort to throwing them away.

Plus I still have some food left for lunch 🙂



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