OMG….OMF’ing G…….

I don’t know what my husband was thinking, he knows we are on a diet, but he saw that one of the most Yelp’d places was in Fountain Valley, After’s Ice Cream shop.  He is like “what is that about”….well know we know… should be OUTLAWED, it is soooo good.

Imagine if you will, high quality, wonderful flavored Ice Cream, then imagine an equally high quality, light and airy glazed donut…now either one of these by themselves is yummy, but now marry them, yes it is an Ice Cream Donut Sandwich baby with  your choice of cereal on top of the ice cream in the middle of the donut.

I chose the Churro Ice Cream, Glazed Donut (you can go unglazed, but really what is the point by this time??) with Cinnamon Crunch cereal.  They slice the donut, HEAT it up, put in your choice of ice cream and cereal in the middle and give it back to you.

I am soooo glad this place is not close to us, because, really, I would just want to live there and wallow in it all!



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