I am trying, but come on…..

So as you know, I try to eat vegetarian as much as possible, and I try to avoid the dairy as well.  I do pretty good, a lot more restaurants have Tofu options, and if not tofu then maybe turkey or chicken.

However, sometimes, it just ain’t happening, like at BLK Burger …. yea, hello, you can get a salad buy WHY!  They are known for their Kobe quality meat.  Now you can get a Kobe steak for $75 but I don’t think so.  We had a $15 certificate for this place, it was new and lets face it if you saw the post from the other day, we had already F’d up the diet, so why not go here for dinner 🙂

They start you off with home made kettle chips, they you can make your own burger, like other hamburger joints, or you could go for steak, scallops, ect.  We choose the burgers.  My husband as usual got Meat, Cheese, Bacon only, now all the toppings are free so I had

The stuffed (yes I did) swiss, bacon, mushroom burger, with avocado, pickles & tomato with a squaw bun (yes they have lettuce wrapped, but why??)  Now it isn’t stuffed in the usual way, all of the stuff is mixed together in the patty, it is moist juicy and mmmm freaking good!  and I choose the salad on the side (what, I needed some ruffage).

Now we have gone to Umami Burger and I have to say we left unimpressed, for the price the burgers were small and yes good but nothing great the sides were small and the price was big.

BLK on the other hand is GREAT, yes they are a little more then Umami, but is so worth it. for non-stuffed burgers you have a choice of 1/2 & 1/3 lb.  They are juicy and so tasty, this could make a meat eater out of many vegans… 😉  All the toppings are free many choices including cheese and bacon and avocado, you have about 5 different bun choices, and the sides are a decent size.  This is as close to a steak on a bun as you are gonna get.

Again, I am so glad they aren’t close to us, because I could see getting the urge to go there again.  Hey I am only human….it is was so good.


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