Well, I have gone and done it know…

I am trying to go truly vegetarian, not vegan, I think vegetarian is for my health, vegan is a more moral choice with the side benefits of my health, but I don’t have a problem eating eggs, when they are cage free and fed a vegetarian diet, I don’t have a problem with cheese and dairy products from cows that live in a pasture, and are grass fed.  That is me personally, everyone else needs to make their own choice.  I think going either helps to reduce the pressure on the earth.

So it has been a week, and my husband is amazed and my sons says I am cheating, that being Vegetarian is a lazy vegan, (remember this is my son the smartarse, so don’t go getting all your panties in an uproar!).

I have found it pretty easy, since I really was part-time vegetarian already, and amazingly I haven’t been hungry and my snacking has gone down!

We still go out to eat, and I have only been to one restaurant, that while it offered salads, the other vegetarian options weren’t really healthy. I ended up eating pasta with cream sauce, potato and bread, very heavy, won’t be doing that again.

Other then that there is plenty of options out there in the fast food and restaurant world, they only do it if it makes monetary sense, so the more people that want it, the more choices we will have.


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