ohhhh….the torture of being Veggie NOT

I really am surprised, I am still going strong.  Here is my “poor” breakfast…again, Vegetarian not Vegan:

open fridge, Jicama, Tomato, Egg, hmmm, open Freezer faux “sausage” links.

I cut up the Jicama and added it to the skillet with oil, salt and pepper (shocking I know 😉 and let it cook, I also cooked up the faux”sausage” (Morningstar) while most of their offering are good, the only way to really enjoy this as “sausage” is the cut it up and fry it good, otherwise it just isn’t quite there.  While the Jicama and “meat is cooking” I start 1 egg, and then I cut up and add the tomato.  So I have a veggie scramble with my egg and it is pretty tasty.



this trying new veggies and fruit, and trying new ways to cook them is pretty fun.  And it is so much cheaper….amazing how many fruits and veggies you can get for little $$.



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