Breakfast of champions…

So here are the “sausage” links I talked about…they are ok like this, but no Snap like in real sausage and the spices a meh.

Fresh Cantalope, nope didn’t make the biscuits from scratch, but they were in my fridge forever, decided to make them up, added HOMEMADE strawberry jambutter, and an egg pretty darn good


Now I didn’t get a pic of my other breakfast, it was soo good, I used the same biscuit, but I used the MorningStar faux “sausage patty” now these are GREAT…taste and texture very much like sausage, just not as greasy or moist, however, I made an egg and some cheese and I had my own “Sausage” egg, cheese biscuit….so damn good, I ate it before I got the picture…next time…I will try 🙂  I totally recommend Morning Star Breakfast PATTIES, they be really good.

Other breakfasts lately

– Avocado/cheese/ Tomato toasted sandwich on whole wheat bread (ran out of the bread I made), veggies chips, pickle, slice of cantalope, small mango.

PB&J – homemade peanut butter and homemade Strawberry Jam on homemade bread

Eggs scrambled with mushrooms, avocado, spinach, cheese



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