No more food diary right now because it is pretty easy to eat like

I should being Vegetarian.  I have found I snack less and eat better.  Almost all choices I make to stay Vegetarian are good for me, yes there is bad vegetarian and vegan food, some cookies, pastas, bread ect can be considered Vegetarian and/or Vegan, doesn’t mean that is what you should be eating non-stop.

I think the new phase “Plant Based Whole Foods LifeStyle” is actually a more accurate description, but it hasn’t been around as long, so I will go with Naturale Vegetarian for now.

The food diary helped to show me when I fell off and encourage me to get back on, but as a lifestyle change to Vegetarian it is much easier to eat healthy.  I love not worrying about calories and fat, I still watch my carbs, I have mentioned the PCOS, this means me and carbs shall always have a love/hate relationship.

By changing to a Plant Based Whole Foods Lifestyle  I have lost 5 lbs without even trying.  Yes it takes a little more time to plan out what I want to eat, yes sometimes it takes more time to make my meals, but they taste some MUCH better, they are cheaper, and they are good for me.  I think my health is worth a little of my time.



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