Veggie Lasagna with my twist :)

So as you know, sometimes my kitchen skills cause me to cook outside the box 🙂

I made veggie lasagna, instead of slicing the zucchinni long ways, I was afraid I would cut myself….I used my kitchen gadget and it cut them in to round wedges, I also had yellow squash, so I used both of those…I layered that with tomato sauce


now I found a recipe for tofu ricotta cheese, soo needless to say I really didn’t have what it called for, so I just added some garlic powder, some sesame oil, some fish oil (for thai dishes) and crumbled together as my ricotta


And then because why not I was on a roll….I added some “faux” meatballs (cut in half then layered)



and topped it off with some yellow cheese and a little more tomato sause


It came out pretty darn good, made a lot, so took some down to my mom and aunt.  I didn’t tell them about the “faux” meatballs and cheese until AFTER they raved about it, they were very happy!  I be making more shortly





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