Coconut…it may be the perfect food….

It sound crazy, but I have been reading up on it and you can do almost anything with coconut!  So I read it was great for hair, so I used it…and….it actually works.   OMG, much soft and less frizzy and cost a lot less and ALL natural.  Update, used the Coconut on Friday 4/3 , I washed my hair that night, and I was able to go until Thursday the 9th without washing my hair again…boooyahhh.  So crazy.  I might have been able to go longer but got stuff in my hair so had to wash it.

I used a small amount on my lips and it works!  So I am going to see if mixing it with honey (for its antibacterial properties) will help with my skin issues. I just made the mixture, waiting for it to solidify, once done, I will start using it.

I will keep you posted. WARNING – GRAPHI PICS OF VERY WHITE BODY PARTS, (no bikinis here!)

Day 1 was yesterday 4/7- put some on in AM & PM, missed leg in AM – Pic 1 Right arm/Pic 2 Belly

IMG_6715 IMG_6716

Day 2 is today 4/8 – right arm (have pic) is less red, left arm looks the same, can’t see my leg, belly (awkward pic) is less red, all of them hardly itch at all.

Day 3 4/9/ – well, hell, my right arm is almost healed, same with left arm, contorted (thanks yoga) and leg and belly is better to and still no itching.

IMG_6728 IMG_6731

Hope this doesn’t gross anyone out, I will hopefully be posting prettier pics (but belly no tanner) in next few days

Day 4 – 4/10 – getting better, itching gone, woop woop

Day 5 – 4/11 I have allergies and my right eye gets puffy, itchy and waters, soooo, what the hell, let’s try the coconey (coconut honey mix)!  By the way all my ouchies are pretty much adios

Day 6 – 4/12 my eye is still bothering me but not as much, plus we went to the fair, it was hot and dusty and this is the type of place I would be miserable with my eye, and it was pretty darn good, I must say I am impressed

Day 7 – 4/13 I will try to get more pics, but I am a believer, this mix is a great cure, much better then putting “mystery” mixtures of drugs on and in my body.


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