I know I posted about it before, but COCONUT & Honey is amaZING

I have had some ouchies as you all know, they are basically GONE!   I have been doing a Coconut hair mask weekly and my hair can then go days without washing, getting shiny and less shed.  I have shed my hair forEVer.

When I lived at home my parents would yell at me to clean out my hair after bathing, it was that bad then and it is bad now, I am surprised I am not bald, I am not surprised how thin it is.  So my shedding is also down.

I feel the other day and when I put my hand out to stop my self I sliced it with a piece of tile, after we stopped the bleeding and poured hyrodgen peroxide on it, I put my mixture on it, no infection, (remodel of bathroom and garage was dirty and dusty) so booyah.

Now not only and I only putting natural things inside but also outside my body.

Now I read that actually ingesting coconut and honey is good for you, I use raw honey, but taking a teaspoon everyday is hard, and I really don’t like the taste of coconut 🙂  no Pina Coladas’s or Snowballs for me.  But the milk and oil don’t really taste coconutty.

I am going to try drinking it in a hot tea, the benefit is that my lips are Oh So Kissable afterwards 😉

So expect to hear more about my love affair with coconut & honey, I am looking for more tips and ways to use it.  Now both are kind of expensive, but I found a site I can get the coconut in bulk, just trying to figure out how to store it.

I wonder if I back it in a oatmeal cookie how that would be?  Any other ideas people.


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