Putting my money where my son’s mouth is….

so I have been putting off making pizza dough cause I thought it would be hard, but my son tends to eat a lot of pizza and the frozen stuff varies in crap inside it and prices…so I said “that’s it, I am making it myself!”.  Amazingly there are super easy ways to make pizza dough.  Of course I used wheat flour….sooooo, I went and bought some white flour, the wheat was ok, but he asked for white, I figure I will get him used to homemade white, then slowly sneak the flour back in a little bit at a time. I also made the marinara sauce, which again I thought would be hard, but it isn’t.  And it doesn’t take much time.

The internet has so many recipes, just pick the one you like best…or mix and match, I liked the one recipes that was quick but they didn’t say how hot to bake it, we experimented and we do the crust first for a few minutes, take it out, add the extras and put back in, extra crispy and yummy.

So know he can eat the pizza all he wants and if homemade it tastes better, is better for him and costs less!  Truly a win for everyone.  Since he wasn’t thrilled with the flour crust, I made two small pizza’s for me.  I blended some mushrooms into the marinara sauce and boom chackalka boom!



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