hmm, I hate to toot my own horn…but no one else is gonna do it ;)

so what to cook?  I need a little variety in my veggie life 🙂  Hmm, celery going bad (so tired of cream of celery soup), a little veggie stock left, grilled veggies from bbq few days ago….lots of cans in the cupboard……

first lets throw the rest of the veggie stock, 1 can of tomato sauce and some of this celery in to cook while I think,(cause celery takes a while to cook)  and look around the kitchen Hmmmm…Hey Progesso Minestrone soup….open it up and in it goes.  Hey, there is pasta and beans in there, root thru the cupboard, yep, add a can of kidney beans (juice and all).  Let that cook for a while.  Hey, I will cut up these veggies (squash, zucchini, potatoes and asparagus) and add to it.

Boom ChacklakaBoom Baby.  It is like a thick minestrone stew.  Pretty good too, but since I am the only one who eats veggies in this house, I will be taking some to my mom and aunt, it made a huge pot.


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