The rise of foodies….I think I kinda understand it…

it used to be you knew where you food came from because you grew it yourself and either harvested or butchered it yourself.  It was fresh, wholesome and you felt pride in it.

Then it used to be you would go to the local fresh veggie/fruit market, or to the local butcher, and you still had a pretty good idea where your food came from.

Now in the big stores, you have no idea where it has come from, what was put on it, how it was treated…it is just there.

The local farm to table movement once again lets you know where it came from, the recent advent of restaurants teaming up with local organic farmers has been increasing.  We want to know where it comes from, we are not going to blindly put stuff in our bodies anymore.

I get that somewhat now.  As more and more items I grow and use in my house the better it tastes, I am happy that I grew it myself, I know it is has never seen a pesticide 🙂  If I can grow ANYONE can grow, there is a little cash outlay at first, but you can’t really put a price on natural and healthy can you??

Now the farm can be your backyard, the table can be your dinner table, get your kids involved, a great family project that can instill good habits and good health that will last a lifetime.

So here is a picture of my Breakfast – toast (homemade bread) cheese, eggs, and tomato slices (from my garden) it was good!



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