what to eat on a cold overcast rainy day

hmmm……some celery going bad, some carrots getting old, chuck them into a big pot with some veggie broth.  I wonder what happens if I put this cucumber in there???

Hey what is this, hmm, canned beans and mushrooms, canned kidney beans, both have been here a while, in the pot they go.  Lets add some tomato sauce because it looks like it needs more juice.

Here are some left over spicy beans, in the fridge, here is 1/2 a piece of chicken that is tooo spicy for the dogs, into the pot they go.

AhHA…I knew I had some pasta in this freezer, into the pot it goes.

So I ended up with so Stewp – a cross between stew and soup, kinda spicy with my homemade bread…very tasty.


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