BuluBox Arrived

So I rec’d my Bulu Box of samples.  The deal is you get a box of samples, you can do surveys on the items and get points to get the items you like for a discount or free.

This first box really isn’t for me, but I am sure it is good for a lot of other people, it included:

Gummie Vitamins – Which I ate, which were good, but the cost of 60 is 19.99, I can find a better deal then that.

Eternal Energy – I don’t use these, I will give it to my husband, I think he has used them before and get his opinion.

PreToxx – helps prevent hangover symptoms, oh puhlease, I am to old for that, maybe give them to my oldest son and see what he thinks

K.Pax energy vitamins – I will give this a try and let you all know

Liquid Energy – Not only do I not use these, it is in Coffee Flavor (yuk!) no one here drinks coffee

Hopefully the next box will be better for me.

IMG_6881 IMG_6879 IMG_6878



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