Ways to save water….

I have posted before on some ways to save water, I will share again….some may be repeats….

When I cook in big pots, to clean I put in a  little water, swish to get the big stuff off, then leave it in the sink, and everytime I do something that needs water, the leftover falls in the pot.  I can use this at the end of the day to do more rinsing.

I went out and bought more plates, since I want to only use the dishwasher when full, it is hard with all your plates are dirty, you need them, so I went and got another set.  Now I never run out of clean plates and always run a full dishwasher.

Also, put your dishwasher on the fastest wash, I always use the china/light was, about 20 mins less then regular wash and they are always clean.

Take water to bed at night?  have some left over in the am?  Don’t pour it out, pour it in the flowers, the lawn or the dogs bowl.

One of the great water users is the toilet.  I guess septic tank users already use “if it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown, flush it down” sounds eww but really, if you are well hydrated, when you pee there is very little color or smell.

We started not because of conservation, but because of noise.  Our plumbing is very loud in our room and everytime we got up at night to use the restroom it would wake the other person up.  So we stopped flushing at night.  Then it just kind of went from there.  I think every other time works to start out with.  Of course this is our own private bathroom, the house one we flush everytime.

My water bill has four tiers, Conservation, Efficient, Normal, Wastefull, we are almost always in the Conservation mode, before the drought, so we don’t have that many changes left to make.


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