Umm…..I am confused, if you are married isn’t it OUR money?

I am not sure about the mine and yours money thing in marriages.  When you get married you are a couple, you SHARE everything, ups, & downs, jobs, births, deaths, ect.

Why is money different?  We have never had separate accounts, all the money goes in to one place, this pays all the bills.  We make the bills together, we pay the bills together.

We make all money decisions together as a couple, the say isn’t dependent on who makes the most money.  It is a joint decision like our bank accounts.  There have been times (like now) that I wasn’t working,  this has never effected how we do things.

There is always the exception, someone who has a spending problem, people who were burnt from a prior marriage, ect….but this seems to be a common thing.

Just saying it is weird to me….normal to others.





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