My adventures with my E car continue

So I unplugged my car, got the cat, put her in the kitchen, locked all the doors, opened the garage and left.

I come home, I don’t open the garage door, because of the stupid cat, I come inside and I find the door between the kitchen and living room and the rest of the house is locked.  AAUUGGG.  There is no key it just has a stupid round hole.

So I figure I will go around and open the kitchen door in the back, I go around the house and realize I can’t reach the gate lock on the other side (being 5′ 3/4 has some disadvantages) so luckily the a/c unit is there so I have to climb on it to reach over and open the gate, I get to the kitchen door and realize, I don’t have a key, I tried everyone and none fit..SHIT!

So I go back inside, find a wire hanger, straighten it and try to poke open the door to the kitchen, that doesn’t work either.  CRAP…now the dogs are whinning and barking cause they know I am home.

So I go to my car, and use the garage opener, the door to the kitchen is locked OF COURSE with no keyhole but that stupid round hole, so I have to go back inside the house and get my hangar and I am finally able to pop that open.  I let the dogs in the back to go potty and then of course now I am freaking out because I can’t find that stupid ass cat!

So I get the bag of treats and start shaking them, she finally shows up from where ever she was hiding. SAC!!

At least my car is awesome, (unlike the cat) when I left I had a full charge of 83 miles, when I got to the restaurant 15 miles aways I had 88 miles 🙂  Of course this was without using the A/C, it does drain the battery.

I decided to use the a/c on the way home to compare and I had 65 miles left when I got home.  So you can see I will be using the A/C only when I really need to on long trips, driving around town I can use it no problem.


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