I find my self throwing less and less out….

they say food waste accounts for a large portion of trash, this also costs money….so as you know I try real hard not to waste any food.

Recently I started making my own tortilla chips, basically because the tortilla’s would become stale and I was like “I have to be able to do something with these instead of throwing them away!”… and since they are just Tortilla and oil and salt my son eats them, cause I didn’t “healthify them 😉

I always freeze my fruit before I have to throw it away, making raspberry vinaigrette right now, it is hard to do stuff with raspberries because of their seeds, I have a raspberry sauce in my freezer right now, you can find anything on the internet, that is where I found the vinaigrette idea, I had the berries and some white wine vinegar that I can’t remember that last time I used, so wahlah, used up two items at once 🙂

I also make jams out of the strawberries and bananas that I freeze, WITHOUT pectin or sugar.  I have given it out to people and I can’t keep up with the demand 🙂

I also had a pizza crust that my son was so-so on, sooooo I oiled it up like a tortilla and cut it and cooked it, came out pretty tasty!

I drink a lot of tea, so back to the internet to see what I could do with used Tea Bags, you would be surprised!  My main use will be in the garden 🙂

Sometimes we end up with food that is past good eating for us, but it still good for the dogs 🙂  They are happy to get the food, I am happy not to throw it in the trash.

Not only food can be saved, for some reason our electric goes out quite often, so I have a box of candles, the wax was getting low, so I scraped out the wax and remelted it, and repoured it back in the holders, I was able to reuse the metal wick rings also, just need to add a new wick.  After a while I did need to use a little new wax but very little, nothing was thrown out, nothing wasted 😉 – Old christmas cards have lots of uses, I am currently making gift tags for next year.

So before you throw it out, maybe check the internet to see if there is something you can do with it, trash can become treasure 🙂



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