Plated #3 – Green Basil Curry Over Veggies

Yes, you read that right CURRY,  over chickpeas, spinach & zucchini, but since the curry is sent in a little container I can use as much or as LITTLE as I wanted.

Booyah….it came out real good, still a little hot, and I only used about 1/10th!  I followed the directions (READ them First) and it all came out good, except for the rice, my oven is old, so I am sure I did something wrong, but I zapped it in the micro and it was fine.

This Plated thing ROCKS!  I highly recommend giving it a try!

Great way to get ideas for food, and it is all Natural, and you can use or not use whatever you want.

IMG_6920 IMG_6922

Now I just need to figure out something to do with the green curry sauce paste I have left over 🙂

I didn’t use the onion that came with the last item, and I didn’t use the red pepper that came with this one.  I did however chop them both up and make a salsa out of them 🙂

I added canned tomatoes and then since it was still spicy a can of tomato sauce.  It tastes bests poured over Toffuti Cream Cheese with the Pizza Crust Chips I made.


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