getting ready for next year vacation…

yes, Vacation is a great motivator to get in shape.  Since it will be a big one, involving walking and climbing, lots of it.  Gotta work on getting back in shape.  I was in shape for the one in 2014, but slack-a-lacking since then 🙂

We went to Petra for my Husband’s 50th, not sure exactly where I will be for my 50th, most likely Machu Pichu, maybe Angkor Wat, for Bali, that is the 3 locations so far, have to see what weather and stop overs are.

But no matter which one, gotta get in shape for it.  I would love to be Riding an Elephant holding an Orangutan on my bday.  Not sure they can both happen at the same time, but I can wish!


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