7/13 – it starts all over again

Breakfast – Apple & Banana – had two because I am going to Pilates, and that bitach is trying to kill me!

Home Yoga – got a book that shows you in stick figures how to do the pose, Yea!

Pilates – Like I said above, lady trying to kill us and I was not the only one there thinking the same thing.

Lunch – Mom’s homemade vegetable soup, 3 flat crackers


1/2 sweet potato with cinnamon and butter – left over from Lone Star – there was a lot, so I split it.  Because now it is back to vacuuming….need the energy, plus need room in the fridge!

Dinner – home grown tomato and cucumber in italian dressing, Mac N Cheese from Lone Star (left overs), salad with home grown tomato and cucumber, lettuce, cranberry goat cheese, balsamic and raspberry vinegrette (homemade)

Dessert – pineapple yogurt bar, healthy fudge brownie 136 cals plus flax and omega 3’s


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