My garden is growing, now what do I do with it all??

My garden is going great, the older box of tomatoes and acorn squash are done, so I emptied it out, going to redo shortly.

I moved the box with the Basil and Greenbeans that weren’t growing so hot to where the tomato and squash used to be.

The other box with the Greenbeans and Heirloom tomato are growing, no tomatoes yet.

However, I am getting ALOT of Greenbeans, which, I don’t know what to do with and don’t really eat!!

WTF was  thinking???  I have been giving them away to my mom and friends, at least they aren’t going to waste.

Gonna have to Youtube what to do with Greenbeans…..sheesh…..Plus Basil, I don’t cook much, and not really with herbs, what am I going to do with the Basil?  Just gave some away, but it is still growing.


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