7/21 – the past is the past :)

I am a flake, I admit it, I haven’t been doing a good job with the diary…although to be fair, I never do well with it on the weekends, usually too busy, they I can’t always remember to make up the missed days…

Breakfast – 3 small whole grain and fruit pancakes, went online to find a whole grain recipe because I had some grains but they were NOT good on their own as a cereal, mixed them up with some fruit jam I made (mango, peach, fig) first batch forgot the egg, but  think I like them best, came out cookie-ish.

Lunch – ok, you got me, 3 Jack In Box Eggrolls

Dinner – Veggie Grill, their BBQ Corn Rocks! had it with the BLAT (faux bacon tastes good in the sandwich, out of it no so much) with fries

Dessert _ NONE / Snack NONE – see lunch for reason why 🙂


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