Doing my part for the Earth….

reducing food waste…one family at a time, but if I tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends and so on, we might be able to make a real impact!

We shop weekly for fruit and veggies, and try to only buy what we need for that week

I will freeze fruit if it looks like it will go bad before we can eat it – for use later

Leftovers are used as dog food (as long as it is safe for them)

Then finally instead of throwing away fruit and veggie scraps in the trash I have started throwing it up on the Ivy.  No methane gas build up this way!

IMG_7017 IMG_7018

I don’t water this stuff, I totally ignore it, but it won’t go away, I am hoping some how all the fruits and veggies will take over the hill one day!


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