I love when I am Right!!!

I keep everything, I document everything.  If I am on a call, I write down the time, date, who I am talking to.  I give stuff to charity, I take pictures and list each item.  We get stuff done to the house I keep EVERYTHING.  My family is always giving me crap about taking picks, and being so OCD, this is the only thing I am OCD about, you should see my house…not so much 🙂

So a few months ago my pipes sprang a leak, I pulled out the Life Time warranty, it had been done 10 years ago, it was fixed for FREE!

Our french door to the patio has been wonky lately and then the lock stopped working, so yes, once again I pulled out my paperwork and called in, they wanted to charge me $75.00, I had to email them MY copy of my warranty, to prove it should be, yep you guessed it FREE.

So there, all my familia, how gets driven crazy because I keep all of this stuff, nicely and neatly in containers…HA, it has saved us hundreds this year so far.  BooFreakingYah!


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