Rescue Dog, dog gone…

While I loved my rescue and he loved me, the feeling was not mutual for the rest of the family.  We all tried to love him, but we think the original owner my have been a couple and the man was mean to him.  99% of the time he was a great dog, but then he would flip out and try to bite me son and/or husband.

Now at 5lbs he wasnt gonna do a lot of damage, but a reflex to protect yourself could have seriously hurt him.  The final straw was when he chased my son down the hall and they tried to jump on the chair and bite my husband.

We were all bummed, I did make sure to tell the shelter, he would be better off with a single woman.  He will give you all the lot and attention you could possibly want.

We gave him back with a collar, leash, bed, blanket, dog bowl, 3 month flead, and heart worm medicine.

I hope he finds his forever home, of course the cat is happy, he did run and try to bite her, the weird thing is she never tried to fight back, never swatted at him?  She has been getting lots of snacks to make up for her trying time, (yea she is milking for all the treats it is worth!)


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