Thred-Up – I sent some clothes in and this is the results

I saw a post on Thred-Up, where you can get money for your clothes.  First off if you are going to send clothes in I suggest sending a large amount in at once, and nothing that you would want back if they choose not to buy it, as they charge you $4.99 for a shipping bag to send in your clothes and $12.99 to send items back.

I got in on a deal and my bag was free, however, I did say I wanted things back they didn’t want, they charge you $12.99, I think this is a lot.

So since this was my first time, I didn’t send in as much as I could have, thus my suggestion above, send in everything you have!  Also, don’t send in stuff you would want back as $12.99 is kind of high, I was glad to get back the items they didn’t keep.

I received $8.93 for the items they kept, they will sell them for $75.94, and I didn’t get any cash since I requested un-bought items back it cost me $12.99, so I actually lost $4.06.

Items they have already sold:

style&co dress pants                   13.99

style&co dress pants                    13.99

dkny jeans                                     12.99

carlos by carlos santa heels          17.99

dressbarn sleeveless top                7.99



On sale at this moment

mossino sweater dress                   8.99



So I think they only way this makes sense is to send a huge amount of clothes in, none that you want back, and don’t expect to make a bunch of cash.

I like the this site doesn’t limit it to super expensive, name label clothes, but I think they could a least not charge you to send your items in!

I received around 11% of what they sell it for, I would think they could at least give 25%, so instead of 8.93 it would have been $18.98.



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