Ode to Iggy

There once was a puppy name Iggy, and he came to live with a family and made them giddy. He shared his home with Rudder the dog, and a perfect pair they soon had become.  As Iggy grew, so his heart did too, and he showered them all with unconditional love.  He was a goof, and never aloof, and loved his walks and treats and shared them with Rudder too.  Iggy’s tailed stayed curled to show the world what a happy dog he was.  He loved his snacks and would do his “Iggy” dance when they came into view.  As he grew older, he slowed down a notch, but was a love bug still.  He then grew ill, and could no longer see, and had to receive 2 shots each day, but no anger or growl he displayed, and after the sting, a hug and snack he received and his tail was still curled each day.  Then came a time where he had more problems, so 2 shots, 2 drops and 2 pills he did get each day, but he still loved his family the same way, and they returned it to him and his tailed was still curled each day.  Then came the time, when Iggy didn’t whine, but sick he was and he tail was unfurled and so with heavy hearts did his family let Iggy depart  to the rainbow bridge and they miss his love, and giving him belly rubs, but now he can see, and run, and breathe, and a happy dog he be, with a tail curled to show his love waiting for his family.


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