Don’t be surprised to see a bunch of Iggy related

posts.  He was the bestest dog ever,  I am trying to cope with the loss, but it is hard.  We had him for over a decade.  He was there when I lost my job, my son moved out, my best friend died and my dad died.

During the last few years with no job, he was my shadow, he followed me everywhere.  Now his love and affection are gone.  Poor Rudder is lost, he is wondering where he is.  Even that stupid cat knows something is off.

He went to the rainbow bridge in my arms, my son and husband where there also, it was rough.  He is missed.

So this is my blog diary and I will post about my doggy,

im1.shutterfly-26im1.shutterfly-6 im1.shutterfly-9 im1.shutterfly-27 im1.shutterfly-15 im1.shutterfly-17


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