New flooring, who knew it would be such a pain

to decided, wood or carpet or tile.  I want tile, but it is expensive so that was off the list.  We looked into the wood, but in the end went with new carpet.  Took us about 2 months of online research and going to stores..aauugg!

We decided to do the moulding around the floors at the same time, I didn’t realize how much nicer it would look.  It looks GOOD!

But in order to get this done, we had to move out the office, my sons room, our room and the living room.  OMG…who knew we had so much crap.  I have been throwing things out as I empty out the drawers and shelves, and I plan on throwing things out or giving them away as I move the stuff back in.

So it is like a really thorough deep cleaning. and the good thing is the carpet we got was on sale and it helps to keep the house smelling good.

The bad news is, after this, almost all signs of Iggy will be gone.  The smelly beds went first as Rudder sleeps in the closet? Weirdo dog 🙂  Now all those unsightly pee stains and dog smells will be gone.  I loved my Iggy but he was a pee’er!  He peed on Rudder???, on the Roomba, on the shelving, he once POOPED on top of a basketball, yea, try and picture that! The vet he said he was showing his dominance.

I would seriously give it all up to have my dog back, smells & pee stains both!


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