Gray (grey) freaking Granny Hair on young girls WTF…

really, this is a thing, IT IS.  I went on youtube and there are dozens of video’s on how to do it.  What gets me is that you have to BLEACH your hair, then add the gray back in.

Yikes, I have gray hair, I thought I had a Few gray (grey) hairs, but as my dye job grew out, I realized I am pretty much all gray with some brown highlights 🙂

I figured, ok, I will just go all gray, NOT, no way am I bleaching my hair and ruining it so I can add gray back in…no way.   Instead I went and had my hair dyed back to its natural color(roots), very dark brown, not black, but it is so dark the only way to tell it isn’t black is when I stand next to someone with black hair, it is that dark.

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the lovely (ha) gray hairs to come back, not only is it gray it is that “shiny gray” and white, aauugghh.  At least I will be ‘IN’ with my granny hair 🙂


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