Working on my Garden…correctly this time….

I went to Burpbe and found a bunch of fruits and veggies that have been hybrid, not GMO in a lab to be smaller and perfect for small yards and apartments.

I planted some carrots that only get 2-4 inches long, perfect for my containers!  I am going to be planting…wait for it…CORN…yes , and small melons, I am so bummed, I blew it on the pumpkins, they take 100 days to be done….100 days….aauugghhhh.

Later I have lettuce, and squash also to plant.  It will be a wonderful garden.  Stuff that I can actually eat, I was growing the greenbeens, but I don’t eat them, so I was giving them away, along with the basil, but that was also grown to keep bugs away.

I have also started writing down WHAT kind of seed or planting I stick where and the date, plus how long it says they take to be done.

So hopefully soon no more “mystery” plants 🙂


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