SwagBucks….much swag, no bucks

I signed up with Swapbucks thru Listia..I really like this site, no money exchanges, you sell things and buy things with credits, you can spend money to get credits but you don’t need to.  Great place to get rid of all the stuff hiding in closets and drawers, but I digress, so supposedly I could get 94,002 credits if I signed up, I signed up and I never got my points.  Been over a month know, on top of that, I bought some books thru their site, and I was supposed to credit swagbucks towards gift cards for my purchase.

Again, no swagbucks, I sent 2 emails two weeks apart and still no response, so I would say, skip the swagbucks, because at least for me, I haven’t seen anything they have promised so far.

I would say check out listia, it be rockin’!



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