old school, No “poo” hair care

I have been touting the benefits of reducing the amount of washing your hair with “shampoos” for a while now.  But I guess there is now a “no poo” movement, no shampoo, and they use baking soda to clean it.

I am trying this out.  Your hair does do crazy things in the beginning because it has to undo YEARS of abuse and stripping, not to mention coloring, curling, straightning ect.  But in the end you hair will thank you and it will be nice and healthy, for very few dollars to boot!

Another tip is a boars bristle brush, this helps to move the oils from the top of the head to the tips of the hair, so soothe and condition with out artificial crap.  Our bodies are a wonder, we just interrupt all the functions with our “solutions”, per the corporations out there.  They make money, you lose money and damage your body…..even though I have been talking about no shampoo or deodorant for a while now, I don’t really care who gets the credit, if it gets people to save money and their bodies by going “no poo” 🙂


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