KItchen mix-up mash-up

so it is SO much cheaper to buy dry beans and make them at home, it may take a while but they basically cook themselves, once you get them started.

So I was making some black beans and I found some Chile De Arbol in my cupboard that I bought for some reason, so I thought, lets make these with a little kick, now I had a bunch of beans, (or so I thought) 4 coups dry probably, so I put about 8 of the dried chilis in it.

OMG, such a fail, it is Hot, HOt, HOT!!!  Now I have a huge amount of freaking spicy beans!

The good thing is I had some carrots and celery that were going to go bad, so I had cut and cooked them the day before and I had some quinoa that I had cooked up with veggie broth instead of water.

I put some beans & juice in the pot (used the lazy cooks method for beans) added some carrots and celery and the quinoa.  It was still a Leetle spicy so I added a can of cream corn I had in the panty for a while and that cooled it down pretty good.  To top it off and lower the heat some more I topped with cheese.

Pretty darn tasty, and it had a decent kick, but I could eat it!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the other 6 cups of beans that are to spicy to eat on their own!


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