So much fruit, so little time….before it goes bad….

we went shopping and bough fruit for the week, then the dr. tells my husband to cut down on carbs….sheesh….so now I have apples, pears, and banana’s to get use up because we went and got berries for his lunch, the lowest carb fruits he will eat.

So I was browsing around and found out that WholeFoods has a great website with lots of recipes.

Used up two of the banana’s in the Cinnamon Banana Bread, was able to find all other items in my panty.  I cut into 16 small slices, not the 8, so cute the nutrition info in 1/2!

Used up 1 Pear and 1 Apple  for the Apple and Cinnamon Crisp, but I skipped the topping and added walnuts and cranberries instead – lower carbs/fat/cal

I figure if I need to, I can crumble a granola bar over the top 🙂

Still have 3 pears, 2 apples and a banana to go….


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