The birds, spiders and lizards are Slack A Lackin’ in the bug department!

So I sent away for some lettuces, they sent them to me, they were already started but ALL of them have been eaten by little green worms/catepillars??  I was just finding them and throwing them in the ivy, but then I just started mashing them on the leaves, maybe a warning sign to keep others away?  I left them growing, this way since they are no use, let the bugs eat them instead of my squash, corn and tomatoes!

The corn is a patio species, I planted 9 kernels, 7 popped up, then 1 died, so I have 6 stalks hopefully growing!

I planted 3 of the winter squash, 2 are growing good, 1 is kind of runty.

I have 2 tomato plants growing, have no Idea what kind, I tend to stick a bunch of seeds in and see what grows, so not sure of the type yet.  It is flowering, so I an hoping something will pop out soon!  Keeping an eye out for those stupid ugly tomato worms…ugghhh…nasty!


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