working for others sucks

I try and do all my “work stuff” before my husband gets home, I also like to have all my “house” stuff done too.  That is kind of the goal, we are both done with “work” so we can enjoy each other…life is short, make the most of it!

The great thing is, I am able to stop and do things and then go back to work, so this AM, while doing my bookkeeping work, Feed the dogs and cat, do the dishes, make apple and pear dish, and get laundry done.  And this has only been in the last 3 hours, in my PJ’s!

This is also great because I am on the time electric plan, so I get all my stuff down while the cost is .11 & .18 a kilowat and not .31.  Makes a big difference on the bill.

You can work from home for a lot less then you make working out of the home, as your costs no longer have to include work clothes, gas, tolls, lunches, snacks, your time and energy to get up, and get there!

Do you have to cut down a little to make it work? Yes, but isn’t a few less diners out, a few items worth not having to work for someone else HELL YEA!  Is there a transition to be made because somehow we are what are JOB/WORK is not what we think, do, enjoy, yea, but you will find yourself and be very happy you did!



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