I got a pumpkin that ISN’T a pumpkin…WTF

So we went to the Middle East store where we get a lot of our stuff and I pickup up my pumpkin, nice, round, orange.  I left it out uncut as decor then I decided it was time to cut it up, cook it and use it.

Well, it isn’t a pumpkin.  What the Hell is it??  It is some time of winter squash, it reminds me of spaghetti squash, kind of stringy when you pull it apart.

So now I have at least 16 cups of some kind of squash, aaauuuugghh!

Looking up recipes for squash related items.  So far made a soup base,

Squash, little bit of carrots (so I didn’t have to throw them away) and veggie stock.  Used 4 cups of squash, didn’t even make a dent in the amount I have!

Made a squash rum spice bread loaf, pretty darn good if I say so my self.  Squash is not sweet like a pumpkin, definitely squashy.


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